John P. Ruggiero


John P. Ruggiero, an attorney with more than 20 years of experience, specializes in working with small businesses. Just a few of the types of companies he has represented include retail, construction and food and restaurant businesses. Over the years, he has familiarized himself with the current case law that applies to business venues. His experience ranges across the entire gamut of business law, including arbitration and mediation. With experience in both the state and federal courts, Mr. Ruggiero understands the nuances of arguing a case in front of different audiences, such as the Appellate Courts of the State of New York.

An effective attorney needs to possess exceptional communication skills. He listens to the concerns of his clients and develops an appropriate strategy based on the information his clients present. While he is the professional, the client should feel valued during the discussion process. Mr. Ruggiero's extensive experience enables him to think out of the box and look for creative solutions in each and every case. He knows that every situation will have certain nuances that need focused attention for the best possible outcome for the client.

Mr. Ruggiero's specialty lies in the area of dispute resolution and mediation. He knows it is in the best interests of all concerned to resolve a conflict outside of court whenever possible. However, he is not afraid to litigate cases before a jury and judge when needed.

Mr. Ruggiero received a bachelor of arts degree in 1987 from SUNY-Binghamton and his J.D. three years later from New York Law School. He was admitted to practice in the State of New York in 1991.

Credibility Through Representation

We represent owners, developers, sureties, general contractors, subcontractors, fabricators, suppliers, and design professionals in support of public and private construction. With time, the practice has expanded to like representation in other industries such as soft drink companies, restaurants, and retailers.

Time Is Important

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and understand what is most important to each and every person who seeks our advice. We discuss and explore the realistic possibilities for the outcome of the client's matter, whether it is a dispute that requires litigation or one that might be resolved in a non-adversarial process.